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Kailasanathan episode 121


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Kailasanathan episode 121

Kailasanath is a teleserial based on Legends of Hindu God Shiva. The serial is mainly based on Puranas and other epic-based works of mythologist Devdutt Pattanaik.

The serial begins with the story of Lord Shiva and Sati, who is considered as the 'amshavthar'(partial incarnation) of the Supreme Godess. She is born as the daughter of Daksha Prjapathi who is a staunch Vishnu Devotee. Sati marries Shiva against the will of her family. Later when Daksha conducts a yajna, he calls up all gods excpet Shiva. Sati decides to go for the Yajna and questions her father. Daksha who was drunk his pride and powers, insulted Shiva. Ashamed and lost in remorse, Sati burns herself in pranagni( the fire eminate from herself). Enraged and grief-striken Shiva takes the avtar of moodVirabhadra, and slays Daksha. However he gives back the life of Daksha on Daksha's wife's prayers. Lord Shiva wanders with Sati's burnt corpose around the universe. Which is later scatterd on earth by Lord Vishnu and Lord shiva transforms it to Shakthi Pedas with the power of Godess Adi Shakthi.

Later the serials moves through many excitting stories from the pUrana, including the rebirth of Sati as Parvathi, her austerities to attain Shiva, their life, birth of Karthikeya. The serial also passes through the sub stories related to Shiva like the war between Karthikeya and the demon Tarakasura, his nomination to the throne of Indra, his refusal and joining as the sarvsainadhyap of the devas.

It also narrates the less told tale of Ashokasundari, the only daughter of Shiva and Parvathi. Her meeting with Karthikeya and marriage with Nahusa, Parvathi's Kali avtar for protecting her daughetr from the demon, Hunda and later shiva's Batuk avatar to pacicfy Parvathi.

There are episodes which brings in stories of Lord Ganesha, on how he got an elephnat face and even the story of churning Amrita out of the ocean milk . The story of Vishnu's Kurma avtar comes as a part of this. The serial passes through many excitting stories, which people of every age will love to watch.

The legends and epics are picturised, without loosing its serenity. Unlike the present day life serials, this one helps to reach the myths to the people with the most beautiful visuals.

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